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Alpha Zeta Zephyrs


Here's A Little About Us

Ioana *RoüX* Sima

Big Sis: Bhavna *RuKi* Sharma

Little Sis: Fanny *REGE* Hung

Status: Alumni

Major: Electrical Engineering


I love Sigmas because: they are a very diverse group of girls who will accept a wide range of individuals. They can make anyone feel welcome and have at least one member who can relate to your interests and hobbies. They all have magnetic personalities and big hearts.

Elizabeth *Amoréphe* Cheung

Big Sis: Katherine *Ladoré* Wei

Little Sis: Jessica *Florae* Lau

Status: Alumni

Major: Health Science


I love Sigmas because: they're some of my favorite people to be around. They've taught me how to be independent, but I've also learned that they're always there for me when I need it. 


Nicki *trìfectA* Wong

Big Sis: Amy *rEpRìse* Fivis

Little Sis: Victoria *zoraDarì* Tan

Status: Alumni

Major: Psychology


I love Sigmas because: I know they always have my back and I'll always have an unlimited amount of support and love from them.


Stella *Emblaze* Lee

Big Sis: Melanie *Rebel* Ren

Little Sis: Tiffany *MELRØSE* Tu

Status: Alumni

Major: Health Science


I love Sigmas because: they're my family. They're my home. They inspire me to be fearless. They inspire me to be myself. Being a sister of Sigma Psi Zeta has opened up countless opportunities for me and allows me to push the boundaries of what I thought I was capable of. I love Sigmas because they're unique individuals with a passion for sisterhood.

Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 11.36.42

Jessica *Vîenna* Cen

Big Sis: Yan *îRidessa* Yu

Little Sis: Amy *Elucîdate* Jeon

Status: Alumni

Major: Health Science


I love Sigmas because: there is never a dull moment whenever we link up. I can always count on my syzsters to bring a smile to my face :)


Winny *CRÒSSFADE* Chan

Big Sis: Jisun *moRphìnE* Lee

Little Sis: Ivy *ARMISTICÈ* Su

Status: Alumni

Major: Health Science


I love Sigmas because: I know that no matter what, I will always have someone who will support me and have my back unconditionally.


Melanie *Míyoko* Ng

Big Sis:  Jenny *Stellaíre* Chen

Little Sis: Maggie *Kaelestís* Loh

Status: Alumni

Major: Biochemistry


I love Sigmas because: I know that no matter what happens, they will always be there to protect me and help me through my toughest times.  I can always be myself around them, and they always know how to make me happy. Sigmas have also made me more involved with the community, and have made me more of an optimistic and hardworking person.

Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 11.35.51

Kelly *Elödie* Chen

Big Sis: Linda *CiRöC* Saraguro

Little Sis: Wai Zhu *kAsiree* Ge

Status: Alumni

Major: Health Science


I love Sigmas because: of the umbreakable bonds and hilarious memories I share with my sisters


Emily *Bellamoré* Cheng

Big Sis: Jessica *Floressa* Chen

Little Sis: Kelly *Tørch* Chen 

Status: Alumni

Major: Health Science


I love Sigmas because: my syzters work hard, play hard, and always inspire me to be the best I can be! I've learned so much from every one of them in such a short amount of time and I'm so excited to create more memories with them! Our sisterhood is like no other <3 :)

Some of Our Times Together
Alpha Zetas with their Papa!
Welcoming the first Alpha Zeta Litto
AZ's at SPR 17 Probate!
AZ's take convention!
AZ's take a trip to the beach!
AZ x Lambdas!
Precious Alpha Zetas!
Alpha Zeta know how to party!
Alpha Zetas show their support!
SPRING 16 Formals!
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