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Our Vision is to become an international organization uniting the syzters to follow the code of loyalty, allegiance, and dedication.

Our Mission is to promote unity among women and the awareness of the Asian/Asian-American culture and heritage.


Our Goal is to best demonstrate syzterhood and allegiance by merging all efforts and interests to provide an invaluable experience for the syzters and services to the local communities and the community at large.

What We Stand For

The fundamental goal of Sigma Psi Zeta Sorority is to promote awareness of the myriad Asian/Asian-American cultures. Our sorority addresses this issue through leadership, outreach, individual, community interaction, and most importantly, the bonds of syzterhood. The sorority also promotes development among its members, the students and the faculty at each of the campuses we represent.


In order to achieve this goal, we partake in political, social, educational, and cultural activities. Each effort improves our environment, and instills within our syzters experiences that will follow them long after they’ve graduated. Through a network of like-minded yet highly individualistic women, the sorority lends structure and support to syzters that share this Sigma vision.


We believe the strength of our foundation derives from the unity of sisterhood, one that was proudly established years ago. In addition, we work in collaboration with other Greek and non-Greek organizations to provide services for the local communities and the community at large. It is through our various participations in these cultural events, educational workshops, and philanthropic support that we make a difference. Nationally, regionally, and individually, we strive to embody the ideals of Sigma Psi Zeta.

The Ten Rays of Syzterhood

When our sorority first began, our ten Founders came together to establish an organization that would better their university and community. These ten womxn united together to create a lasting entity. The Ten Rays of Syzterhood, like the ten Founders, form the basis for our sorority. They are the characteristics all sisters work to best exemplify.

As our syzterhood grows and evolves, Sigma Psi Zeta National develops initiatives that will encourage our syzters to achieve. while still remaining connected to the history and vision of the sorority. With this in mind, the Ten Rays of Syzterhood link the natural progression of the organization to the spirit with which the sorority was first envisioned in the Fall of 1993.

  1. Integrity: To uphold the history, values and purposes of Sigma Psi Zeta Sorority Inc.

  2. Legacy: To take part in the development of active syzters, pledges and alumnae through positive means, to ensure that the Sigma spirit is passed through the educational, individual, and collective experiences of those associated with the sorority.

  3. Scholarship: To support and emphasize academic achievement.

  4. ​Philanthropy: To Combat the Violence Against Womxn through sister education, community awareness, activism and financial support.

  5. Professionalism: To best demonstrate syzterhood and allegiance through organization, conduct and action.

  6. Community: To support individual syzters in their personal endeavors of leadership, sportsmanship and community involvement.

  7. Syzterhood: To give social and emotional support to active and alumnae syzters, thereby providing invaluable experiences.

  8. Culture: To promote an awareness of the Asian/Asian-American cultures and heritages, as well as multiculturalism and the cultures of the members represented in the sorority at large.

  9. Citizenship: To serve as an example of appropriate behavior with the university, other Greeks and the community.

  10. Activism: To inform and educate about the causes Sigma Psi Zeta Sorority holds dear.


Colors: Red and Gold

Flower: Yellow Rose with Baby's Breath

Motto: "Lead from the front."

Sister Pin: 

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