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Eta Charters

​Semester: Spring 2000
Exquisite Eta Charters

#2 - Bacardi

#3 - Merlot

#4 - Chardonnay

#5 - Citris

#6 - Chianti

#7 - Kahlúa

Yan *Chardonnay'*Cai

Big Sis:
Little Sis:
Bessy *Blaze* Chu (Nu Charter)
Status: Alumna

Sandy *Merlot* Vien

Big Sis:
Little Sis:
Stephanie *Mimosa* Kim
Little Sis: Betty *Missy* Ma

Little Sis: Susan *Libertine* Tiedemann (Lambda Charter)

Status: Alumna

​Patricia *Bacardi* Cheung

Big Sis: Janet *Renais* Yuen (Epsilon Charter)

Little Sis: Marisal *Batz* Mou
Little Sis: Alice *Meteora* Siu (Omicron Charter)
Little Sis: Quynh *151* Le (Phi Charter)
Status: Alumna

Major: Business Management / Economics
Currently At: SAP Americas

Donna *Citris* Sung


Big Sis: Mei Yin *Calyx* Lam (Delta Alpha)
Little Sis: Connie *Jelibean* Eng
Little Sis: Sara *SaphORa* Baek
Status: Alumna

Jennifer *Kahlúa* Kui

Big Sis:
Little Sis: Michelle *Moët* Chiang

Little Sis: Wendy *Hennesy* Ho (Mu Charter)
Status: Alumna

May *Chianti'*Vuong

Big Sis: Paula *Hip Hop* Marisi-Chung (Alpha Gamma)
Little Sis: Cindy *Cuvée* Mai
Status: Alumna

Major: Business Management
Currently At: City College SDBME

I love Sigmas because: It has brought me many fond memories and was one of the best chapters of my life.

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