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Eta Chi Class


Semester: Spring 2011

Capricious Chis

PE: Sandra *HaRajuku* Lin
PA: Laura *RumoR* Pai

#62 - Valisère
#63 - Alîas

​Lillian *Alîas* Hua

Big Sis: Josephine *Mystère* Chon

Little Sis: Elizabeth *Natorì* Leung

Status: Alumna

Major: Biology


I love Sigma because: i know they'll be the one to be laughing and crying with you through the ups and downs and be there for you no matter what! <3

Big Sis: Rachel *Lalíta* Ling

Little Sis: Jessica *Calîber* Mai 

Status: Alumna

Major: Business and Technological Systems Management


I love Sigma because: sisters have your back no matter what!  They are always there for you and you can always rely on them. Sigma Psi Zeta was the best thing that has ever happened to me and I am so proud to be part of this sorority.

Monica *Valisère* Lee

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