MeraCiöus Alpha Mus


Wai Zhu *kAsiree* Ge

Big Sis: Kelly *Elödie* Chen

Little Sis: 

Status: Active

Major: Applied Mathematics and Statistics BS


I love Sigmas because: Everyone is so unique and friendly. I get really positive vibes and it makes me happy that I’ve found my home away from home.

Ellen *REVOCATÉ* Liu

Big Sis: Angela *wiCkéd* Qu

Little Sis: 

Status: Active

Major: Business Management BS


I love Sigmas because: They support me in everything I do and I know I can always count on them.

Tiffany *MELRØSE* Tu

Big Sis: Stella *Emblaze* Lee

Little Sis: 

Status: Active

Major: Health Science BS, Pre-Nursing


I love Sigmas because: They are my constant support system and have become people that have made me feel strong when I was anything but that.


Jing *Caladíum* Lee

Big Sis: Liza *Calíthea* Poserio

Little Sis: 

Status: Active

Major: Chemistry BS, Pre-Nursing


I love Sigmas because: They taught me how to be more confident and helped me break out of my shell. They’re always there for me no matter what and I know that they will always have my back.

Alicia *CØVENANT* Lin

Big Sis: Selina *Calléis* Ma

Little Sis: 

Status: Active

Major: Respiratory Care


I love Sigmas because: These girls make me comfortable enough to let loose and joke around. At the same time, they know when to be serious and nurture me into shape. They’re the role models I look up to when I need guidance and help. I’m super lucky to call these girls my sisters.

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