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EmpyReal Alpha Etas

FALL 2016


Peiwen *Evanesce* Zhang

Big Sis: Sara *Delyria* Wu

Little Sis: 

Status: Alumni

Major: Health Science


I love Sigmas because: despite all the weird things I have said and done, they accepted me for who I am. You'll have a constant support system and more than one closet.


Judy *CéREIGN* Chen

Big Sis: Olivia *Charismé* Chang

Little Sis: Shirley *Cathéxis* Luu

LLittle Sis: Amy *Cødex* Lin

Status: Alumni

Major: Health Science


I love Sigmas because: I know I have a group of sisters that I can always depend on in times of need. I'm always entertained and having fun!

Ying Lin *Catatönic*Chen

Big Sis: Amanda *Cabérnet* Ko

Little Sis: Rachael *Calyréix* Su

Status: Alumni

Major: Linguistics and Sociology


I love Sigmas because: they inspire me to go outside of my comfort zone and will accept me for who I am. I know I will always have someone when I need 4am pick-me-ups or a food adventure buddy for the day.



Charlotte *viCé* Ku

Big Sis: Serina *prominénCe* Li

Little Sis: Angela *wiCkéd* Qu

Status: Alumni

Major: Psychology 

I love Sigmas because: joining a sorority is a new experience for me. I am able to learn and grow when I work with the sisters. They teach me how to talk more confidently in public and many other things that I have never done before. I'm so glad that I can contribute to this organization and I will never forget how lucky I am to be a part of this chapter.

Here's A Little About Us
Some Of Our Times Together
Asian night 2017
Going on a trip!
bang bang
With all our beautiful bigs <3
Silly Shenanigans
A memorable night for us
mama and papa!
Photoshoot with our parents
Alpha Etas!
With our syands <3
Our lamdba Syands!
Always a good night with yall
Happy Birthday Judy <3
102&104 with our mama <3
Gym sess with the ace and anchor
Northeast Regional Rally
ace and anchor love
Community Service Fashion Show
Probate ft our beautiful parents
First crossing mixer!
No longer neos!
Asian night 2017
Asian night 17 w/ our Lambda syands!
Congrats to Alpha Iota class!
Selfie season
Alpha Eta's and Pi Syands!
Successful Gift Exchange!
AE's know how to have fun!
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