Eta Iota Class

Semester: Spring 2004

Infamous Iotas

PE: Sandy *Merlot* Vien
PA: Stephanie *Mimosa* Kim

#18 - Movado
#19 - Missy
#20 - Givency
#21 - Cerise

Kathy *Movado* Pham

Big Sis: Stephanie *Mimosa* Kim

Little Sis: Tiffani *ReZi* Sun

Status: Alumna

Linda *Givency*Yi

Big Sis: Sarah *Escada* Lim

Little Sis: Minnie *B.C.B.G.* Huang

Status: Alumna

Betty *Missy* Ma

Big Sis: Sandy *Merlot* Vien

Little Sis: Catherine *Remani* Chen

Status: Alumna

Lisa *Cerise* Ly 

Big Sis: Maribeth *Jubali* Yandoc

Little Sis: Elizabeth *CasCabel* Alonzo

Status: Alumna

​Major: Biology - Genetics track

​Grad School: Physical Therapy

Currently At: Lenox Hill Hospital

I love Sigmas because: we're all unique and down to earth!

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