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Eta Kappa Class

Semester: Fall 2004

HK Superstars

PE: Stephanie *Mimosa* Kim
PA: Kathy *Movado* Pham

#22 - Tacori
#23 - Remani
#24 - D'Cor
#25 - B.C.B.G.
#26 - ReZi

Tiffany *Tacori* Mak

Big Sis: Sarah *Escada* Lim

Little Sis: Anna *SeramiK* Zheng

Little Sis: Theresa *Riot* Hoang (Alpha Delta Charter)

Status: Alumna

Catherine *Remani* Chen

Big Sis: Betty *Missy* Ma

Little Sis: Jennie *ReyALe* Lee

Status: Alumna

Minnie *B.C.B.G.* Huang

Big Sis: Linda *Givency* Yi

Little Sis: Merry *Juvena* Cheng​​

Status: Alumna

Major: Health Science
Currently At: Brean Murray, Carret & Co

​Tiffani *ReZi* Sun​

Big Sis: Kathy *Movado* Pham

Little Sis: Jessica *RoMi* Chung

Little Sis: Bhavna *RuKi* Sharma

Little Sis: Kristen *RoXi* Higa (Alpha Delta Charter)

Status: Alumna

Major: Psychology & Nursing

Minor: Business

Currently at: Brookbridge Consulting Services, Inc.

Lena *D'Cor* Sun

Big Sis: Sara *SapORa* Baek

Little Sis: Lauren *AlloriSS* Kalisz

Status: Alumna

Major: Finance

Minor: Accounting
Currently At: Shufro, Rose & Co.


I love Sigma because: Life's a roller coaster and there's no one else I'd rather enjoy the ride with than my SYZter. You can never tell what's around the bend or over that hill but you can be sure you'll have someone there right beside you every step of the way.

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