Klandèstine Alpha Kappas


Here's A Little About Us

Carla *Mònarch* Chan 

Big Sis: Elizabeth *Natorì* Leung

Little Sis: Lauren *Hermès* Huh

Status: Active

Major: Business Management

I love Sigmas because: Being in Sigma Psi Zeta, I am able to be myself in a non-judgmental environment. Each and every sister supports me unconditionally. They are also always down to make fun and unforgettable memories.


Big Sis: Winny *CRÒSSFADE* Chan

Little Sis: Jane *ENLACÈD* Ye

Status: Alumni

Major: Health Science


I love Sigmas because: they've helped me improve myself and they are always there for each other. They've helped me become more confident and genuinely accepts me for who I am.

Huiqi *Centiâra* Pan

Big Sis:  Olivia *Charismé* Chang

Little Sis: Hannah *Cresâra* Kim

Status: Active

Major: Business Marketing and Environmental Design, Planning, and Policy


I love Sigmas because: of their ability to make you feel empowered and loved and knowing that they will constantly push your limits so that they can watch you succeed!

Maggie *Kaelestís* Loh

Big Sis: Melanie *Míyoko* Ng 

Little Sis: Julie *Prímalux* Ye

Status: Active

Major: Applied math and statistics 


I love Sigmas because: because they make me a better person and together we make the world a better place.

Amy *Elucîdate* Jeon

Big Sis: Jessica *Vîenna* Cen

Little Sis:

Status: Active

Major: Biology


I love Sigmas because: Each and every sister genuinely cares for each other and I know that they always have my back no matter what happens.

Some Of Our Times Together
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