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Eta Phi Class

Semester: Fall 2010

Fatal Phis

PE: Rachel *Lalíta* Ling
PA: Sandra *HaRajuku* Lin

#58 - Jenny Belvedere HA
#59 - Alice Mezmori Liang
#60 - Suan Rev Kim
#61 - Amy Lolavie Huynh

Jenny *Belvedere* Ha

Big Sis: Betty *MisChief* Huang

Little Sis: Monique *Kamora* Sidhipunyapun 

Status: Alumna
Major: Clinical Laboratory Science

I love Sigma because: I am not perfect, but knowing that at the end of the day, my sisters will love me no matter what. That's what's up!! 

Suan *Rev* Kim​

Big Sis: Nancy *KaRma* Chantanapokul

Little Sis: Julie *Le Rêve* Ko

Status: Alumna
Major: Business

I love Sigma because: ... how can you not? Everyone's so real and unique!

​       Alice *Mezmori* Liang

Big Sis: Laure *RumoR* Pai

Little Sis: Jessica *Floressa* Chen

Little Sis: Katherine *Ladoré* Wei

Status: Alumna
Major: Biology

I love Sigma because: What's not to love? I know I can count on my sister no matter what. They brighten up my days & always know how to have fun (:

​Amy *Lolavie* Huynh

Big Sis: Sandra *HaRajuku* Lin

Little Sis: Samantha *Valeur* Mei

Status: Alumna
Major: Health Science

I love Sigma because: they are the girls I can turn to for anything. I'm glad to have Sigmas in my life. You have to be in it to understand how amazing these girls are!

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