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Eta Psi Class

Semester: Fall 2011

Psi Sweethearts

PE: Laura *RumoR' Pai
PA: Sin *Jolíe* Kong

#64 - Carmen Cinéma Wong
#65 - Andrea Marquís Juarez
#66 - Joey estRella Chen
#67 - Rachelle izArra Cruz

Carmen *Cinéma* Wong

Andrea *Marquís* Juarez

Big Sis: Angel *Clicquöt* Wu​

Little Sis: Joanna *Chrönic* Wu 

Little Sis: Christine *Captìvfy* He
Status: Alumna​
Major: Undecided

I love Sigmas because: these are girls that i know will push me to my fullest potential, they will always be there every step of the way no doubt about it. Everyone is just so real and down to earth. ♥

Big Sis: Jennifer *StaRstrucK* Kim

Little Sis: Melanie *Rebel* Ren

Status: Alumna
Major: Bio/Pre-med


I love Sigmas because: there are way too many reasons why I love Sigma. I love how we are all so different but can still come together as one. I also love how I can always count on sisters for everything, because I know they will always have my back no matter what. I am proud to call myself a Sigma and to be part of this family! :D

Joey *estRella* Chen

Big Sis: Sin *Jolíe* Kong

Little Sis: Jenny *Stellaíre* Chen

Status: Alumna

Major: Health Science

Minor: Spanish

I love Sigmas because: they all accept me for being the weird person I am! All the sisters are down to earth and I know I can rely on them for anything.

​Rachelle *izArra* Cruz

Big Sis: SuJhin *mArtini* Park

Little Sis: Linda *CiRöC* Saraguro

Status: Alumna

Major: Health Science

I love Sigmas because: they laugh at my corny jokes and still accept me for me. I love how they're such a chill group of girls who know how to have fun and stay classy at the same time.

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