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Eta Tau Class

​Semester: Fall 2009 ​

Tik Tok Taus

PE: Jessica *Romi* Chung
PA: Diana *CörbeL* Cheung

#46 - Jolíe

#47 - ChanéL

#48 - Mystère

Sin *Jolíe* Kong

Big Sis: Rachel *Lalíta* Ling

Little Sis: Andrea *Marquís* Juarez

Status: Alumna
Major: Pre-Med

I love Sigma because: the sisters are awesome and always bring me happiness.

Grace *ChanéL* Chou​

Big Sis: Diana *CörbeL* Cheung

Little Sis: Lucy *Chanté* Masu
Little Sis: Angel *Clicquöt* Wu

Status: Alumna
Major: Business Marketing / Sociology

Minor: Cinema & Cultural Studies

I love Sigma because: it's an everlasting sisterhood that is bonded with love. Knowing that I have these girls by my side makes everything so much more worth it!

Josephine *Mystère* Chon​

Big Sis: Merry *Juvena* Cheng

Little Sis: Monica *Valisère* Lee

Status: Alumna
Major: Health Science

I love Sigma because: no matter where you are, you'll always have sisters right by your side taking every little step with you. I can't imagine myself ever without them!!

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