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Eta Alpha Alpha Class

Semester: Fall 2012

aNÒmalous Alpha Alpha

PE: Benita *patrÒN* Kim
PA: Suan *Rev* Kim

#68 - Jessica Calîber Mai

#69 - Linda CiRöC Saraguro

Jessica *Calîber* Mai

Big Sis: Lillian *Alîas* Hua
Little Sis: Yan *îRidessa* Yu
Status: Alumna

Major:  Jounalism


I love Sigma because: Sigmas are as real as it gets.

So much love and everyone has each other's backs!

Linda *CiRöC'* Saraguro

Big Sis: Rachelle *izArra* Cruz
Little Sis: Kelly *Elödie* Chen
Status: Alumna

Major: Biology

I love Sigma because: they are real. I can always find myself laughing and having a great time when we are together. :)

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