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What is rush?

Rush is a period when anyone is welcome to join us for a number of fun and diverse events. During this time, you will get a chance to mingle with the SYZters and learn more about our sorority and what we stand for.

Are there any requirements to rush?

There are absolutely no requirements or obligations to rush for us. In addition, all of the events during rush are free of charge. We do encourage those who are interested in potentially pledging for us to attend one (1) General Interest Meeting (GIM) and at least two (2) other events.​

Will I be expected to pledge after rush?

You are in NO way expected to pledge for us once rush has concluded. We would love for you to become a part of our SYZterhood but we understand that deciding to join a Greek organization is not for everyone.

Do I have to be Asian to join?

SYZ is a multicultural sorority with SYZters hailing from many diverse backgrounds. Though we are an Asian-interest organization, we do not, by any means, exclusively recruit those who come from an Asian background.

Can I rush for other organizations at the same time?

Absolutely. In fact, we encourage you to explore other options that are available. SYZterhood lasts well beyond the collegiate years, which is why it is important to be with those whom you feel the most comfortable.​​

Spring 2022

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