National Governance
Central Council
Judicial Board
National Policies

The undergraduate sisterships’ primary representation on the National level. Each chapter and charter of Sigma Psi Zeta has one representative on the Central Council. Representatives are elected on the local level.

Consists solely of alumnae sisters. Its purpose is to uphold the values, traditions and code of conduct that each sister pledges to uphold.

To better guide our undergraduate members, SYZ National has developed policies on alcohol, hazing and risk management.

Executive Board of Directors

Seeks to administer to the needs of the undergraduate sisterships, the vast alumnae network, and Sigma Psi Zeta as a corporate entity. It is comprised of three distinct branches: the Judicial Board, the Executive Board of Directors, and the Central Council.

Consists solely of alumnae sisters. Its purpose is to administer to the corporate fund and the maintenance of Sigma Psi Zeta Sorority, Inc. Board members are elected at our Annual Summer Convention

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