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Award Programs

The Sigma Chapter awards are based on our Ten Rays of Syzterhood. These ten rays, like the ten Founders, form the basis for our sorority. They are the charact​eristics all Syzters should strive to best exemplify.

At the Annual Syzters’ Convention, awards are given out to the various Syzterships. Eleven awards for outstanding achievement in each of the Ten Rays – Integrity, Legacy, Scholarship, Philanthropy, Professionalism, Community, Syztership, Culture, Citizenship and Activism.

The Psi Membership Award

The eleventh award encompasses all Ten Rays of our Sorority, similar to a “Chapter of the Year” award. The syztership that is given this prestigious award has displayed the most spirit, innovation and dedication across each of Ten Rays.

The Psi SYZter Award

The Psi is the middle letter of Sigma Psi Zeta. The Psi letter itself branches and reaches to the letters that surround it. It binds these letters together at the center. Psi is the core of the syzterhood.

Like Psi, there are certain key characteristics that bind syzters together. This sorority has only achieved its current level of prominence because of its members. Over the years, certain dynamic syzters have consistently contributed their talents and vision, shaping this sorority to become what it is today.


No more than ten Psi syzters may be inducted per year, however, sisters will only be designated as Psi syzters if they have had an overwhelmingly positive effect on the sorority. The threshold for the Psi Award is high; it will be awarded with great care and scrutiny.

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