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Eta Rho Class

Semester: Spring 2009

Rocky Rho'ds

PE: Anamarie *ReeSe* Patindol
PA: Jessica *Romi* Chung

#44 - RumoR
#45 - DECOY

Laura *RumoR* Pai

Big Sis: Lauren *AlloriSS* Kalisz

Little Sis: Alice *Mezmori* Liang

Status: Alumna

Major: Economics

​Minor: Media Studies


I love Sigma because: we are connected by our individualities.

     Shuhan *DECOY* Ben

Big Sis: Patricia *enACra* Lu

Little Sis: Benita *patrÒN* Kim

Status: Alumna

Major: Business

Minor: Korean


I love Sigma because: the sisters are the best people I've met in college and I love being a part of the family.

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