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Eta Upsilon Class


Semester: Spring 2010

Ubiquitöus Upsilons


PE: Diana *CörbeL* Cheung
PA: Patricia *enACra* Lu

#49 - Lucy  Chanté Masu
#50 - Jennifer StaRstrucK Kim
#51 - Angel Clicquöt Wu
#53 - Hanna aBella Jang
#54 - Su Jhin mArtini Park
#55 - Bhavna RuKi Sharma
#56 - Jenny panic! Pak
#57 - Benita patrÒN Kim

Lucy *Chanté* Masu

Jennifer *StaRstrucK* Kim​

Big Sis: Grace *ChanéL* Chou

Little Sis: Linda *Céreus* Tang
Status: Alumna
Major: Biochemistry​

I love Sigma because: there are so many reasons why I love sigma. I love how I can have a family away from home. I love how we are all sooo real and goofy around each other. I love how we stand for independence and the empowerment of women. And finally I love how we are all so unique and different but we can come together and bond as one and call each other sisters.♥

Angel *Clicquöt* Wu​

Big Sis: Jessica *RoMi* Chung

Little Sis: Joey *estRella* Chen​

Status: Alumna
Major: Undecided

I love Sigma because: I know that no matter what, my sisters will always have my back. You have to be in it to understand how amazing these girls truly are.

Big Sis: Grace *ChanéL* Chou

Little Sis: Carmen *Cinéma* Wong

Little Sis: Michelle *mosCatö*Yaung
Status: Alumna
Major: Psychology

I love Sigma because: of the girls in it! They're all unique and different but we still stay connected!

Hanna *aBella'*Jang​

Big Sis: Betty *MisChief* Huang

Little Sis: Connie *Intìmacy* Ng (Alpha Eta Charter)
Status: Alumna
Major: Respiratory Care​

I love Sigma because: Treasured memories. Indescribable love. True sisterhood. I love each and every single of them beautifuls <3​


SuJhin *mArtini* Park

Big Sis: Diana *CörbeL* Cheung

Little Sis: Rachelle *izArra* Cruz
Status: Alumna
Major: Marketing / Sociology

I love Sigma because: Everything I wrote and deleted was corny, so I guess what I say will just have to be corny. I love everyone's flaws, because I actually see them. Every sister is real and when we get together everyone is so comfortable together. Corny jokes, weirdness, taco sauce dripping down someone's chin, it's all there. You can be you and be embraced for it. Every sister is imperfectly perfect and I love it.​


Bhavna *RuKi* Sharma

Jenny *panic!* Pak​​​

Benita *patrÒN* Kim

Big Sis: Tiffani *ReZi* Sun

Little Sis: Ioana *RoüX* Sima
Status: Alumna
Major: Pre-Med / Biology

I love Sigma because: Joining a sorority was definitely one of the highlights of my life and the period I have spent embracing this lovely sisterhood has been truly great. Being in a sorority would have never crossed my mind in a million years; to start from I didn't even know the ABC's of what a sorority was until second semester of college. However, upon meeting the sisters I felt like they understood me, not only just in appearance but they understood my family life and the strict/craziness of my mom haha. They not only wanted me to become a part their sorority but they wanted me to be a part of the family they had established. The sisters wanted me to succeed and to put my academics before anything else, and I love that they always have my back even in the toughest times. I love them for all the comfort they have given me through the tears, the laughs, and the itty bity arguments. Regardless of my flaws, they accept me for who I am and despite me being a bit more TAN (not brown haha) than them they have never let me feel out of place. I know I can always feel at home with them! I am proud to call myself a Sigma and have a family of sisters who love and care for me so dearly! Je t'aime Sigmas ♥

Big Sis: Patricia *enACra* Lu

Little Sis: Marie *HYSTERiA* Jeong
Status: Alumna

Major: Business​

I love Sigma because: You just can't describe it, being a Sigma is one of the most amazing things I've ever achieved in my life. You'd have to be in it to understand. I love my SYZters inside & out and I love the tons of memories I've made with them, life just wouldn't be complete.

Big Sis: Shuhan *DECOY* Ben
Little Sis: Angelica *pRìmE* Sahagun

Little Sis: Jisun *moRphìnE* Lee
Status: Alumna
Major: Respiratory Care​

I love Sigma because: there are too many reasons to name; you will have to be in it to know it! ♥ ;)

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