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Alpha Theta Temptatîons
Here's A Little About Us

Selina *Calléis* Ma

Big Sis: Monique *Kamora* Sidhipunyapun

Little Sis: Alicia *CØVENANT* Lin

Status: Alumni

Major: Biology

I love Sigmas because: not only are we lit together at Stony, we can also hang out when we’re back in the city, and all the moments we share together will be memories I’ll cherish when I think back to my college days! Plus, my sisters are super down to earth which makes it easy to ask for advice from older sisters whenever I find myself struggling, and that is all I want from a sisterhood.

Samantha *Revenant* Wong

Big Sis: Julie *Le Rêve* Ko

Little Sis: Jessie *DAYDREAM* Huang

Status: Alumni

Major: Health Science


I love Sigmas because: they are such a fun, beautiful, and talented group of girls that I can lean on for support. They know when to work hard and when to have fun and I am so grateful to have met them.

Liza *Calíthea* Poserio

Big Sis: Christine *Captívfy* He

Little Sis: Jing *Caladíum* Lee

Status: Alumni

Major: Health Science


I love Sigmas because: I've found a group of hardworking and genuine women that I can always count on. I am constantly motivated by my sisters to break boundaries and to be fearless.


Felicia *ÖCULUS* Chung

Big Sis: Connie *Cryptö* Xiao

Little Sis: Imera *VALÖCEIX* Reyes

Little Sis: Bethany *RÖYCE* Chen

Status: Alumni

Major: Health Science


I love Sigmas because: it gave me the opportunity to meet so many empowering women and it gave me friendships with these women who bring out the best in me. I can honestly call it my home away from home. Going away for college was tough for me, but I found my people by joining the sorority.

Vicky *Cíella* Qu

Big Sis: Christine *Captívfy* He

Little Sis:

Status: Alumni

Major: Health Science and Chemistry


I love Sigmas because: these are the girls that will treat you like family. These are the girl that will provide you with unlimited support and fill you up with unconditional love. This is the family that I have back at home and at school.

Some Of Our Times Together
It's party time!
Always snack time with the ATs!
Northeast Regional Rally!!
Looking fresh!
Pi Formals!
Miss Cutie Pi!
ASA Semiformal!
Ace and Anchor where are yall at?!
Syands! + Ralphie!
Alpha Thetas always lit!
Alpha Thetas!
It's hiking season!
We classy, but we also have fun
Alpha Thetas incomplete without Sam!
Greek Unity!
Alpha Thetas!!
Happy Birthday Sam! <3
Happy Birthday Felicia!
Always having the best time together
Saying our farewell!
Ace & Anchor!
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