Electrîfying Alpha Epsilons


Big Sis: Joanna *Chrönic* Wu

Little Sis: Yinglin *Catatönic* Chen

Status: Alumni

Major: Health Science


I love Sigmas because: I know anytime I'm with them, I'll have a good time and I can always be myself.

Big Sis: Michelle *mösCato* Yaung

Little Sis: Felicia *ÖCULUS* Chung

Status: Alumni

Major: Respiratory Care


I love Sigmas because: they're like family to me. I can always count on my sisters because they'll always be there for me, and laugh even if my jokes are lame.


Big Sis: Linda *Céreus* Tang

Lil Sis: Judy *CéREIGN* Chen

Li Sis: Huiqi *Centiâra* Pan

Status: Alumni

Major: Economics and Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Minor: Studio Art

Pre-Physical Therapy Track 

I love Sigmas because: Sigmas gave me a chance to be more involved during my college years and more importantly, it gave me people that I know will have my back no matter what. Everyone of us is different in our own ways and even so we all still accept and love each other.

Serina *prominénCe* Li

Big Sis: Michelle *mösCato* Yaung

Little Sis: Charlotte *viCé* Ku

Status: Active

Major: Psychology


I love Sigmas because: despite the quirks and differences we have individually, when we come together it's a force to be reckoned with.

Sabrina *novèlla* Yuan

Big Sis: Samantha *Valeur* Mei

Little Sis: Audrey *untøld* Lim

Status: Active

Major: Linguistics


I love Sigmas because: I now know what always having someone there for you feels like no matter what.

Big Sis: Andrea *Marquís* Juarez

Littl Sis: Melanie *Míyoko* Ng

Status: Alumna

Major: Biology


I love Sigmas because: the sisters are genuine and every experience with my sisters are positive ones.

Amanda *Cabérnet* Ko

Connie *Cryptö* Xiao

Olivia *Charismé* Chang

Jenny *Stellaíre* Chen

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Some Of Our Times Together

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