Alpha Nu NovoCainé

FALL 2019

Here's A Little About Us


Big Sis: Ivy *ARMISTICÈ* Su

Little Sis: 

Status: Active

Major: Respiratory Care


I love Sigmas because: they help me get out of my comfort zone, and you can always count on them to make unforgettable memories. 

Fanny *REGE* Hung

Big Sis: Ioana *RoüX* Sima

Little Sis: 

Status: Active

Major: Health Science BS/Pre-PA


I love Sigmas because: the sisters are always supporting me and giving me guidance when I need it. They’re the kind of people I like to surround myself with. 

Amy *Cødex* Lin

Big Sis: Judy *CéREIGN* Chen

Little Sis:

Status: Active

Major: Psychology 


I love Sigmas because: the sisters gave me a strong support system, and made me feel welcomed as a transfer student. I was able to take risks that I never thought I could. Thanks to them, I have created lasting memories, and I know it won’t stop here.


Victoria *zoraDarì* Tan

Big Sis: Nicki *trìfectA* Wong

Little Sis: 

Status: Active

Major: Biology BS 

I love Sigmas because: they pushed me to try new things that I would’ve never done on my own. They helped me create new and unforgettable memories.

Some Of Our Times Together

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