ABsolute Alpha Betas


Here's A Little About Us

Big Sis: Benita *patrÒN* Kim

Little Sis: Amy *rEpRìse* Fivis

Status: Alumna

Major: Health Science

Minor: Music


I love Sigmas because: of the diversity in our sisters. We are made up of so many beautiful, talented and smart young women who came together for one purpose: Sisterhood.

Linda *Céreus* Tang

Big Sis: Lucy *Chanté* Masu

Little Sis: Olivia *Charismé* Chang

Status: Alumna

Major: Health Science


I love Sigmas because: I find the sisters really friendly, approachable and easy to talk to.



Joanna *Chrönic* Wu

Big Sis: Carmen *Cinéma* Wong

Little Sis: Amanda *Cabérnet* Ko

Status: Alumna

Major: Health Science


I love Sigmas because: they have granted me access to a syzterhood that is like no other. Sigmas are the epitome of fun, classiness, and above all, their sisterly love for each other is genuine. I am proud to be a Sigma!

Melanie *Rebel* Ren

Big Sis: Joey *estRella* Chen

Little Sis: Stella *Emblaze* Lee

Status: Alumna

Major: Health Science

I love Sigma because: they are awesome! They are so much fun. We also learn a lot from each other and become better individuals. Sigmas are always there to make me happy. 

Jisun *moRphìnE* Lee

Big Sis: Benita *patrÒN* Kim

Little Sis: Winny *CRÒSSFADE* Chan

Status: Alumna

Major: Biology

I love Sigmas because: my SYZters are like my second family. They are genuine, kind hearted, loyal, and so much fun to be around. I am always surrounded by driven, talented women who are all striving to be the best they can be, and that motivates me to better myself.  You haven't experienced true sisterhood unless you are a Sigma :)"

Samantha *Valeur* Mei

Big Sis: Amy *Lolavie* Huynh

Little Sis: Sabrina *novèlla* Yuan

Status: Alumna

Major: Pharmacology


I love Sigmas because: we're such a close knit family that can have fun every time we're together. Sigmas are the best! :)

Marie *HYSTERiA* Jeong

Big Sis: Jenny *panic!* Pak

Little Sis: Sara *Delyria* Wu

Status: Alumna

Major: Biology


I love Sigmas because: who wouldn't?! forreals, every time i'm with them, it's love&smiles all around. corny, but it's the truth! (:

Some Of Our Times Together